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Following recent changes to UK pension rules, we are currently awaiting clarification as to how this will effect funds which have been transferred.
Until we receive this, please note that some of the information on this site is now incorrect and will be amended accordingly at that time.

Recent Articles

Final Salary pension ? Your retirement income is at risk.By Richard Dyson The Telegraph Investor

Alan Rubenstein, chief executive of the Pensions Protection Fund (PPF), said that many of the 11 million people with a supposedly guaranteed, inflation-linked pension were being led to believe their pension was safe, when “for many that isn’t the case”.

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Qualified Financial Advisors

Following the recent clarification by the UK Government of the announcements made in the last Budget, there has been a stipulation that certain pension transfers should only be carried out by advisors qualified to UK Standards.

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We live in uncertain times when it does not make financial sense to have all your eggs in one basket !

For some time now we have known that bank deposits are not as safe as they once were and their rates of interest are quite pitiful, Lessons must be learnt from what has happened since the start of the global crash and more recently in Cyprus,

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The UK government’s assault on the finances of British expats continues as it threatens to abolish their right to personal tax allowances.

Every UK taxpayer has a personal allowance, which is the amount of income that can be earned before tax needs to be paid, currently non-residents are eligible for this allowance. However, in the recent Budget the Chancellor announced that he is considering abolishing the UK Personal Tax Allowance for non-residents. The implications of a loss click here to read full story»


If you are considering transferring your UK pension or have only recently done so, be careful as to where your funds have been transferred to and ensure that any tax implications for your pension’s new jurisdiction have been properly explained to you.

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